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oddity: isp switches email account off becaus of reporting


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recently, I wound up with on email account less, and this is the story:

I send regularly spam reports via quick reporting, with all the nice stock alerts etc as attachment and some phishing mails too. At web.de, which is my isp, they have a nice pretty malware scanner, ClamAV, that checks mails of their clients before scooping them out into the world (which is good) and that recognizes phishing scams too. So, one day a preformulated mail comes to me saying: "You are sending phishing mails. Probably Your box is infested. Don't do that again! What can You tell us about that?" So I sent them back a notice "Stay cool. That's only my spam reports you see in the malware alerts. Check the addresses and You'll see. Mail me again, if there is a problem with that." Some days later, the account was stone-dead.

I admit I was a bit disgruntled. I wrote them sanctimoniously "Oh, what has happened to my account?" and they told me "Dude, You are spewing out masses of phishing mails. Load down that antivirus software, scan your discs, photograph the result screen via prtscreen and send it to us - then we will reanimate your account." I shrugged my shoulders and did so, not without emphasizing, that there had of course never been any bot in my box and that I was a bit disaffected about my mails not beeing read, let alone answered. Still and silently, my account awoke to a new life.

Apparently, spam reporting is not, what ISPs expect their clients to do.

Have a nice day


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Yet another hazard of the Quick-Reporting feature due to the lack of oversight .... Although it does seem like part of this issue could have been headed off by following a suggestion offered in the Discussion found by following the SpamCop FAQ entry "here" specifically Linear Post #14 of What is Quick Reporting? and possibly in combinbation with the data seen at E-Mail spam submittals blocked by your ISP?

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No, spam reporting is not what ISPs expect clients to do. ISPs have a nanny complex, IMHO, and don't think that any customer knows anything about how email works and can't learn. They also have stock answers to give customers that reflect that attitude and very little flexibility until you talk to someone above the first level.

You have to be assertive (or find a workaround) to deal with ISPs. (and, as Wazoo suggests, it does help to know a little bit more about how reporting works - just in case it does happen to be your mistake).

Miss Betsy

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Yet another hazard of the Quick-Reporting feature due to the lack of oversight ....

Could well be... I find that the submittal reports for quick reporting often get identified as spam because they contain a summary of the original spam message(s). If the OP is using Quick Reporting, he/she could catch these reports in an alternative Email account.


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