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script error prevents sending reports


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This has happened twice in the past week.... I forward my spam to spamcop as normal, then when I view the reports page, there's a scri_pt error:

Line: 48

Char: 48

Error: Expected ')'

when this happens, and I click the "Send spam Report(s) Now" submit button, I get :

No data / Too much data

You are most likely submitting a very large email. Please trim some of the unnecessary data (noting where this has been done) from this posting and try again. SpamCop will no longer accept email larger than 50.0K bytes.

Other possibilities: You may have a firewall which prevents HTTP POST commands, you may have linked to the wrong URL or your browser does not handle binary submissions correctly (try a different browser)

I've tried just clicking the "Cancel" button, but i get the same response. Some scri_pt error is preventing me from sending reports.... I'm using IE 5.5, win2kpro.

Also, I'm using yahoo mail.

Anybody else have this issue?

Another issue is that i've noticed some tricky spammers putting newline characters into their headers (in the "Received:" lines), which is causing spamcop to be unable to find the origin IP addresses. Is this something that will be remedied?

Thanks everyone,


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there's a scri_pt error

You also might want to go to the checkboxes under IE;

Tools | Internet Options | Advanced and check "Disable scri_pt Checking"

Uncheck the box to Display a notification about every scri_pt error

This tool is really only useful if you're developing scripts, and now that Microsoft is getting out of the java scri_pt stuff, Sun offers its own toolset.

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