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Why is SpamCop not working properly?


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For quite a while now, SpamCop has not been working as it should.  For almost every spam I report (most are phishing), SpamCop does not find the links in the body of the message.  This is most frustrating, because it's those links that lead to dangerous content.  When I look at the message source, the href entries are clearly there.  Is there a cure for this?

I have attached two examples.



Spam_report_3.txt spam_header.txt

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Historically SpamCop has had three priorities: 1) Identify the source of spam to feed the SCBL, 2) Send spam Reports to appropriate  IP management so they can take action, 3) identify spam links in the body of the spam - a follow the money - effort to kill funding for spam.

From there it is a mater of allocation of resources, and I would suggested ROI  https://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spamstats


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