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Released messages disappear

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I marked important messages to release and whitelist. A message indicates that it has been released. But the messages never come through to my forward email address. And any messages from the whitelisted person nevers gets through. The messages are not in the trash bin. They are no where to be found! What can I do about this?

Tnx! JL

The new webmail system is now live. Please use only the webmail.spamcop.net URL, not the old beta site.

Please use this thread for comments on the new system. I'd like to start over on comments, so if you see issues with the new system put them here, even if you put them in the older thread, too.



Known Problems

I'm going to try to keep a running list of known issues here. If your issue appears in this list and you have new information to add, please post. Otherwise, understand that we're already aware and maybe working on your problem.

  • Release doesn't actually release messages FIXED
  • Frequent logins required
  • Preview of MS Word documents broken FIXED

Known Issues

  • Safari users will probably want to horizontally expand their browser window

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Moderator note: PM sent to OP

Please note that your topic posted in the FAQ Under Construction Forum has been moved to the SpamCop Email System & Accounts Forum in an attempt to better server you as this appears to be a request for help rather than the start of a draft for a new FAQ entry....
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On top of posting into the FAQ Development Forum, the item quoted was one of the announcements of an upgraded web-mail system/version that was in fact rolled back .... the original server & software installation was put back into place. Then we compound that fact with that it was done quite a while ago and this is the 'only' complaint existing at this time on this issue ... no one else posting here, no one else posting in the newsgroups ... which tends to suggest that the issue is something going on with just Apotres' configuration of accounts, which isn't actually defined.

The additional comment that "none of the forwarded e-mails make it through" suggest that something may be going on at the unidentified receiving ISP. Also not stated was if any troubleshooting has been attempted. Any analysis on just what might make this one "whitelisted" e-mail special if the case is that all other e-mail flows just fine?

Point is .. there's not enough data offered yet for anyone here to guess at what the issue might be, and the fact that there aren't others complaining suggests that it's not a SpamCop.net/CESmail problem ....????

Apotres registered here with a spamcop.net address, so I could kick an e-mail upstream, but what would I ask? No details/specifics offered up .... addresses, Domains, timeframes, Subject lines, etc. ..... Apotres could do the same, but simply noting that the same type and content of data needs to be passed on to JT for him to even start taking a look.

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