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We got blacklisted...


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Alright, we got a nice worm 2 days ago, and have since cleaned it out and verified that no worms/phishing is happening through our servers, all is good.

I just removed our IP from the blacklist (sending the confirmation to my admin account).

But it only partially unblocked it? Some emails go through, and some still don't, why is this?

Even though I used the 'get out of jail' unlist, do I still have to wait a full 4 hours to be removed?

Any help is great, asap.



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You might want to supply the IP address in question, so that the helpful people in this forum can keep an eye on any possible activity for the next few days. Paying SC customers/users have limited access to the reporting associated with any given IP address. We could also check the Senderbase stats, or perhaps you'll do that yourself, by going to:


and entering your IP address.


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In answer to your question, the SCBL is a DNS based blocklist, which means that it is subject to the same delays in updating Mirrors and propogating records that all DNS is. Many ISPs cache DNS results for several hours, some update more or less often.

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