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Issue: Unable to remove 'Incomplete' mailhost item

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Attempting to remove an Incomplete mailhost entry.

When selecting the mailhost in the drop down list, and then delete, it comes right back to the same page with Could not delete (already deleted?). BUT .. the "Incomplete:" entry is still visible.  Its still listed in teh drop down, etc. 

Odd note .. the entry in the drop down does not have an entry name in the parenthesis. 

eg:    user_want_deleted@domain_to_delete.com ()  

The two other entries in the list have the names I assigned when I'd created those mailhost entries .. eg:   user_keeping@OtherDomain.com (mail_host_name_xxxx)

This has been on going for more than 3 weeks when I test and attempt to clean up the old incomplete host entry.

I emailed the spamcop admin address, and the reply was "I think your mail hosts should be set now"  but were not.

Posting here for visibility and ability to have someone else find if they also have an issue, and hope to post the update/resolution here as well.



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