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[Resolved] Need to filter bounces to my forged address

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A couple weeks ago my spamcop.net mailbox started to flood, but not with spam. I'm getting bounces from spammers' victims. Someone sends spam out with my return address, and I get dozens of messages from MAILER-DAEMONs all over the world, either because the spam was detected as spam and automatically bounced, or because someone's mailbox was full, or because the spam was sent to a wrong address, etc.

What should I do?

I don't want to set up a rule to automatically filter out ALL bounce messages. If one of *my* outgoing emails bounces, I *want* to see the bounce message.

Is there a way to have the filters look inside the incoming bounce messages and if the bounced message looks like spam, then have it throw away the bounce message?

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Basically, welcome to the club .... From your description, it sounds like you have your own address whitelisted, which pretty much assures that all of these are going to end up in your InBox.

Short term, kill that whitelist entry and let the other filtering options do their job. In general, your "turn" as the forged address runs from a few days to a few weeks .. then it's someone else's turn to enjoy the results of spammer activities ...

You'll find that this subject gets posted / asked about all the time, in all different Forum sections, basically as each user with the "new" problem attempts to define the situation is his/her own words ... therefore, the next person can't find any of those posts because they are looking for their own words as the "search query" ...

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As Wazoo said, start by making sure your own address isn't whitelisted...

Then report away. Those misdirected bounces are reportable according to spamcop rules. Further, there is absolutely NO excuse for a mailserver to be so poorly configured that it sends bounces to trivially forged FROM addresses, so they need to be reported.

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