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[Resolved] Webmail too slow?

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Can't duplicate. Hit Compose and didn't have time to think the 'number 1' in starting my count down .... window popped up as requested ... working with a new account, no data populated, so no idea on your second issue ...

Thanks for your quick reply. I cannot also download zip files. Winzip tells me that they're corrupted. Working with new IE7

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No findings so far. Firefox is also doing the same thing. I get my attachments in zip corrupted. The new thing (besides the IE7 installation) is that I enabled the Push technology from my new cell phone (via IMAP). Can this have such a side effect?

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Well I just uninstalled IE7 and everything is back to normal now

Nothing personal, no bashing ... however ... I have to say that's been pretty hard to believe that the work has gone on for so log on that application, yet .... I've taken to simply sliding over all the IE7 complaints in the various Forums I monitor .... I have no idea why, but they all seem to read the same way for the most part .... basically "your web site doesn't work with IE7 .. you need to fix it" ...????? It's just seeing this over and over in reference to so many different applications, it's just so hard to believe that everything else in the world is so broken ....

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