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Until where to report?


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After reporting spam we receive a report and we are asked to check a web site where we can check the spam tecnical report.

If we report say 20 spam mails, we have to click every link and do "send spa reports now".

This takes long time for 20 mails. Is it of some utility just to report spam and not check the "send report" link?


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Nope. That "second" item is your chance to review just where the reports are going. Riminder that this is your part of the aggreement youmade when signing up for a SpamCop account .. you're responsible for where the reports end up. And if you don't follow through on that "second" item, there are no reports generated, so first part of the reporting action would just be wasted effort.

Your complaint / request is made very often, yet there are still so many that want to know how to "unsend" a report, want to know how to unblock themselves, want someone to interced with thei ISP ... all because there was no attention paid to where the reports were going, and they ended up reporting themselves as the spam source, or a friend .....

If you've not got the time to do them all, then specialize perhaps .. only report the porn, delete the rest .. only report the last 10, delete the rest .. something like that.

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