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FAQ Entry: Additional data on ISP Accounts


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The typical 'complaint' about the data available under an ISP Account is that there is not enough data provided to get to the bottom of an issue. Bottom line, thank the spammers for helping out. Background data on the changes made in data availability is provided in the following extracts from other Forum Topics/Discussions;

Only the Deputies can assign "third-party" status to an ISP account. We used to let folks sign themselves up for those reports, but it didn't work out, so we don't do it anymore. And it takes some pretty serious convincing to get us to do it.


In the before times, anybody could sign themselves up to get third party reports just by providing the IP range they wanted reports for. This is one of those deals. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it, but it's proving to be elusive.

These days, we control who gets third party reports so the spammers can't sign themselves up. They have to ask to get the reports and we decide. We won't switch reports away from the abuse address we find from Whois lookup without their permission. When we assign third party reports, it's usually because the admin responsible for the IP range isn't what we're finding from Whois info, and the people who are getting the reports want to keep getting them. It all depends. Sometimes we'll add them as an additional reporting address.


Edit: link to Wiki entry ISPAccount
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