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[Resolved] How to deal with forgotten password?

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I blew a hard drive had to set up new email accounts for MS Outlook all over again. However, the user id and password combination I'm using are being rejected. I'm sure I"m mis-remembering and it's my bad, but nevertheless ...

can someone help tell me where I can go to get my uid and pwd reset or sent to me so I can get up and running again with Outlook?

Much appreciated,


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SpamCop FAQ

Password Problems?

That's what I was looking for; dunno how I missed it. Thanks!

(Turns out I had my webmail account settings but was entering them incorrectly in the Outlook email client. I was entering only the part before the '[at]' as my account, which is what you do at most ISPs, whereas SpamCop wants the entire email address - as was pointed out in the FAQ.)

I'm up and running. Thanks again.

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