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Easy Spam Reporting w/IMAP & Mac Mail


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Reporting spam to Spamcop has become very easy with Mac Mail and IMAP. Here's how:

First, in Mac Mail, create an IMAP account for your spamcop account.

Incoming Mail server is


In Mac Mail, you'll see two new folders under your inbox, held mail and trash.

To go through your held mail to see if false positives are in your held mail.

Just select the folder, and select each item.

Mail keeps the message from automatically connecting to the internet.

If you find a false positive, move it to your inbox.

To report an email as spam.

While going through your inbox, you can hit the junk mail button in Mac Mail, and the message will be moved to the held mail folder on the SpamCop server!

Here's how to set it up:

Go to Mail -> Preferences -> Junk Mail

For 'When Junk Mail Arrives' select

Perform custom actions.

Then go to the Advanced button and click it.

At the bottom of the window where it says Perform the following actions:

Move Message to mailbox...

select the option box that says junk mail folder and change the folder to the spamcop held mail folder.

click ok

close preferences

Now whenever you report mail as junk, it gets moved to your held mail folder.

Okay, so now it's time to report those buggers to spamcop.

The fastest way to report spam to spamcop is through the webmail interface.

Go here:


Or set it as a bookmark for easy access.

Log into your account

click on the held mail url

then click on the select all button

then click on the report as spam button!

It's that easy! All messages selected are reported as spam.

One note, if you had an email that wasn't spam that you moved to your inbox, it will still be in the held mail, although it will show it is deleted. I make sure to check those first and either delete or whitelist.


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Hi, Just was wanting the other details to setting up the Spamcop account.

What is the email address we use?

Which password - the one for the account, or for the Forum, or?...

What's the outgoing server name?



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