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Quoting Content within your new post


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Under construction - noting that the Forum FAQ was written against version 2.0.x of this application, we're now running 2.1.x, and actually working elsewhere on the soon-to-be-released 2.2.x version ...the Editing tools have changed between all three versions ...

First of all, take a look at Reply Mode/Button Confusion as that definitely is a must-know precursor to starting a Reply (with quoted material)

For those that used the p_quote.gif or p_mq_add.gif


For those that used the t_reply.gif (full edit box)


For those that used the t_qr.gif (no edit box)

[ quote] some text [ /quote]

For those that started a t_new.gif or used the t_reply.gif and want to make something stand out as Quoted


(on hold right now while I try to go find out why img tags aren't accepting alt tags here ....)

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