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[Resolved] Forum e-mail broken


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Outgoing e-mail does not appear to be playing nice ... assumedly a result of the server change-over last night. JT has been notified, as I believe it boils down to that the new server hasn't been authorized on the mail servers .... at least that's the best I can guess based on the cryptic error messages I can see on 'this' server ....

Issues include:

New Registration e-mails

Subscribed Forum/Topic notifications

Admin e-mail, such as a name-change action performed this morning

E-mail attempts to other users via the e-mail link in profiles

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Outgoing e-mail issue is now resolved.

For those folks that tried to Register after 2100 GMT -5 yesterday, look for the "Resend Vaklidation Email" link if you haven't received that e-mal yet ....

Sorry for the inconvenience ......

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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