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Exchange Hosting Spam?


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I'm not sure what this one is about.


Someone with a Comcast account "neutral (mx) client-ip=" wants me to confirm my domain (name) registration.

The A record for that IP goes to:

Exchange Hosting

Tier1 Data Center. Live Instantly Shared & Dedicated. MS Gold Cert.


The (purported) sender has the return email; <admin[at]freehuh.com>

domain: freehuh.com

created: 20-Nov-2006

last-changed: 21-Nov-2006

registration-expiration: 20-Nov-2007

nserver: ns1.servdns.com

nserver: ns2.servdns.com

I've never heard of these folks.

Since the email came via Open Relay, and whoever it is registered their domain this month, I have to assume it is some kind of scam; but what?

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Just my assumption (based on other experience) .. you reply to that one, the next thing you'll see is that "money is due" for the renewal/re-registration process ....

Ahhh so. I thought I remembered reading something about that one in this forum last year sometime. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

The sods are clever. I'll give them that. The registration is up for renewal Dec 1 ..... 07, and I had to check to be sure I hadn't mistaken the year. I've done dumber things; after all.

It did give me a start, though. I had to do the "vulture" routine to catch that domain name when it came up for renewal. The original 'owner' never complained, so I assume they let it go voluntarily; ... or died.

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