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gmail (python) reporting scri_pt

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to whom this may concern. I adapted my gknujon python scri_pt to gspamcop.

GKnuj0n is a scri_pt that picks out all the unread spam in your gmail spam folder and reports it to knujon, it does some basic filtering between stockspam and other spam and a possibility to report them to different addresses, optionally, it cleans out your sent mail folder, your spam folder and your inbox with SEC delivery notifications.

Gspamcop is basically the same scri_pt as gknujon, except that it only reports 48hrs old spam, instead of doing a lot of filtering and putting it all in one scri_pt I decided to split them up. Since I figured there must be a lot of knujon users who don't use spamcop and/or vice versa. The idea, at least for people who use spamcop and knujon, is to run this scri_pt first, so that all the fresh spam gets picked out, which can be reported to knujon and spamcop in one go, then run the gknujon scri_pt for the rest.

You can find the scri_pt here.

happy reporting,


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