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As I type this, the "Old" archives are being copied over to this server, such that they will all be located in the same place. Until I knock out a few more minor issues, I'm really not entertaining subscription requests. Trying to diagnose and troubleshoot this tool, I found way to many bad things going on with e-mail subscriptions from too many folks on other items that are simply a bit insane.

Posting to the newsgroups via this interface is also not currently allowed.

The major benefit of placing these newsgroup archives on-line in this format is for those folks that have an issue with connecting directly to the SpamCop.net news-server. A secondary item/function is for the search-engine results.

On that note, there will be a period of transition. For instance, one of the search tools placed at the top of this page and the similar search-tool provided on the www.spamcop.net pages are currently only looking at the newsgroup server for these archives. Archiving on that server basically died 1 Jun 2006, due to an overloaded hard-drive. I took it upon myself to install the software on this 'new' server, such that archiving could begin again. This started 1 Dec 2006. Unfortunately, I've not been able to figure out how to reach back and snag the previous 90 days worth of newsgroup traffic, so the data in between these two dates is basically gone (or will be gone as it ages off the news-server) After the search-engines 'find' this new archive and start picking it up, I'll change the search tool 'here' .... I'll try to effect a change at the 'official' site/Help page, but that one isn't up to me.

I have since received some 'approval' from JT for doing this, though he did mention that 5-year-old data wasn't necessarily a good thing <g>

So with all that said, the list of currently available newsgroup archives can be found at http://zeta.cesmail.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo .. again noting that I'm working on this as I type/you read this, and there will be some mucking about in the near term ... but the archives are back in operation ....

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