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Guidance on how to build a public FAQ?????????


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Feel free to move this topic to the Lounge or else where if desired. (Reported & spam)?

I am amazed :huh: by the official staff response to building a usable, current, up to date FAQ and the apparent preference to impart technical knowledge on an individual and "secret" (non public) method rather than making it available to the public in general; as well as the unbelievable indifference to doing anything about the official (out of date, full of bad data, and woefully incomplete) FAQ. Well, so be it. :(

Reference: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=52673 (unfortunately most will not be able to access this reference and it can not be copied here due to its content that does chide against posting in public without permission. (Note: the previous statement may be miss leading as the the content and the reference about posting in public have nothing in common but are two totally separate issues. The main point being that any private (or non public) statement should not be copied and posted into a public forum without first getting permission, which I did not attempt to do, so should not be taken by any means as a refusal to give permission to post.

Note: this topic is currently listed as unapproved (invisible) to all except Moderator and above. - Edit: 1-15-07 due to the lack of any response this topic has been set to approved

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