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Worlds first "honest" spammer...


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Well, this is amusing. I sent a Behavior Modification Email or "BME" to a customer that got their IP blocked, in addition to one of my SMTP servers. Turns out it was the first bona-fide spammer I've ever had to deal with on my service. I know there is a standard "How to run a responsible mailing list" document somewhere, but I can't remember where. If you could point me in that direction, I'd appreciate it ;)

He claims he "paid for a list of people that apparently requested this information". I don't know whether to believe him and just think he's naive and give the benefit of the doubt, or just remember Rule #1.

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Can we get that list pinned here?  I have looked for it several times and it usually takes me a while to find it.

Well, the Lounge isn't exactly appropriate. I put it in SpamCop Help instead, as most of the people who run mailing lists irresponsibly and get caught and complain will be looking there first. The reference is FAQ Entry: Am I Running Mailing Lists Responsibly?.

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Thanks as well, JeffG for the pin :-) A little update now on this. As usual, I should not have doubted Rule #1. At the same time I received the SpamCop notice that my SMTP server had been canned, I got a notice from Hotmail as well. I wrote back telling them I LARTed him, and this is what they replied with...

Our system detected a namespace mining operation coming from that IP.

Here is the information we have showing the time of abuse by that IP

(all times are PST):

Process data between 2004-03-21 07:03:50 and 2004-03-22 07:05:50

classification: namespace miner total nRcpt:14273 total

nRcptSuccess:3168 total nData:0

Please let me know if you need any further information on this. This IP

remains blocked for a time, then it is unblocked. We will continue to

block at each instance of abuse.


MSN Hotmail Abuse

This a day after Mr. Innocent claims he didn't know he bought a mailing list with names that may not have been "clean". He better walk the line, or he's gone for sure for more TOS violations than I have time to count.

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