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Spam Reporting Disabled

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:huh: I received an email asking me to change my ISP settings in order to

"Better filter" my messages. I went into the settings that were working great before and made some adjustments. The instructions were not too clear.

All of a sudden out of the blue, I get an email message that my spam reporting

has been revoked and my account is disabled.

What the heck is going on???

I paid for Spamcop service because of the ability to get rid of spam.

Now all I effectively have is yet another email account that does nothing more than

the others that I have already.

I need my spam reporting turned back on or I need a refund.

It is rude and impersonal to just cut somebody off instead of sending them an email offering assistance.

My wife has her own SpamCop account and she did nothing at all with her settings.

Her account is doing just fine without changing anything.

Some help would be in order as well as unlocking my account.


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Who sent you the request to make changes? That is not normal operating procedure for spamcop. Could it have been your ISP?

There was a request here by Julian to take part in a beta test dealing with mailhosts, but that was not sent as an email.

If you are talking about the mailhosts configuration, you may have reported some things incorrectly if, for example, the configuration was incomplete. That could be enough to take action against your account.

Another possibility is your change to ISP settings caused a mail loop which can also cause your account to be disabled.

You should contact deputies <at> admin.spamcop.net explaining your issue and clearly identifying your account so they can find it and explain the problem.

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Thanks for the email address. I'll write to them and see if I can get this problem taken care of. I did in fact get an email asking me to make changes to my settings.

When I made the changes, I got a test email and then a few days later, my spam reporting got disabled for something that I can't find anywhere!

The email mentioned something about one of my ISP's that I didn't quite understand. Hopefully, the address you gave me can fix that. Thanks!

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