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Here's a blocklist I like


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why look so far?

couldn't we just get the Spamcop-internal list of "devnulled" addresses

(refusing spamcop reports for one reason or another).

As a new Blocklist? (This exists anyway in the spamcop system. Should only be accessible from webmail to be selected as a Blocklist...)

I'd really like to block all those. Don't think they send any legit Email to me...

But they send more and more spam which is not caught by the other lists...

Thank you


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I agree Lukas, it would be nice to have that as an additional blocklist option that I could use on my servers. Currently, I trawl through my old SC reports periodically, and anything that is devnulled gets that IP block added to my global Deny list on my server. This has worked well for me and cut down the amount of spam I have to deal with considerably. Would be nice if SC would add this as an accessible blocklist (perhaps devnull.spamcop.net or something) so that the whole process would be a bit more automated.

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Thank you.

That list is a copy of my tcp.smtp.cdb which is used before hitting SC, the CBL-XBL and SORBS (in that order).

You can see the effect of that blocking at http://scasey.com/support/mailstats.htm

That list was build by capturing mail sent to invalid addresses on my server and then

1) parsing out the delivering server IP address

2) looking up that IP address in whois

3) and blocking the entire netblock that address lives in

I only block mail from (some) foreign countries. The entire process is outlined at


The process is entirely automated using a perl program I wrote. The program calls The CyberAbuse Whois

by Philippe Bourcier and parses the result to determine the sending country to enter into the cdb.

Feel free to copy the list if you find it useful.

Sean Casey

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