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Problem forwarding from Pobox.com


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Messages that are held in my pobox.com discard list, that I try and forward to spamcop are not getting through. I contacted pobox and here is what they told me:

"It appears that spamcop.net has blacklisted the email envelope sender of

the message that you attempted to release to your forwarding address.

It does not appear to be blacklisting Pobox or Pobox.com servers since

we have successfully sent other messages from that server to Spamcop's

servers. I would suggest contacting them to see if you can receive

email from this email address. Here is the maillogs in question:

[at]40000000405f797b17f2fd34 cinnamon: mail.info: Mar 22 18:40:33

postfix/cleanup[28129]: 6158E2F126:


[at]40000000405f797c1882bdfc cinnamon: mail.info: Mar 22 18:40:34

postfix/smtp[28219]: 6158E2F126: to=<jwines[at]spamcop.net>,

relay=mx.cesmail.net[], delay=1, status=bounced (host

mx.cesmail.net[] said: 554 sorry, your envelope sender is

in my badmailfrom list (#5.7.1) (in reply to RCPT TO command))"

I am a little confused as to where the problem is, do I keep pestering pobox, or does something need to be done at Spamcop's end?

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pobox had a "situation" a couple weeks ago where they dumped tens of thousands of messages to us all at once. This happened when one of their users did something funny. To protect ourselves from all of that, we blocked the address they used to send it all to us and that's the address they used for the message of yours that was blocked.

We've unblocked that address so you shouldn't have any more problems.


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