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Complainterator V5 Announcement

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Thanks for the detailed problem description. I was able to duplicate it, and found exactly the same result as you describe. It opened the Favorites pull-down, and subsequent keystrokes were directed there. I will examine the cause right away.

Glad you could duplicate. Good luck.

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I would appreciate feedback on whether the problem is resolved.

The latest version has the fix for both Internet Explorer, where it was repeatable, and for Firefox, where it occurred (ie was reported) on about 1 in 50 systems

It worked for me with the same domain posted earlier. Thanks.

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I made a Removal request: itlet.hk

One address was to


While penis enlargement site is still alive I did get a reply for the email sent.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for the complaint/information passed to the
Hong Kong Police Force by e-mail on 16 May 2007.

The matter will be passed to an appropriate unit in the
Force, who will look into the matter mentioned in your


Criminal Records Bureau
Hong Kong Police Force 

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The reply from HK police is a standard template, one of two.

You got the one for a single complaint.

Template two is a reply for multiple complaints, and it differs in that it lists the dates the complaints were received, and the total number.

Eventually you may receive a follow-up email stating what action was take, if any.

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Eventually you may receive a follow-up email stating what action was take, if any.

Name of Registrar: HKDNR
Dear Registrar

This is a request for you to remove the spamvertized domain eded.hk

From this link, you can see that your company is the spammed site's
| http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/whois.ch?ip=eded.hk


Removal instructions for spammed domains are in this link
| http://www.spamtrackers.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Registrar_Advice

Once removed, the Complainterator tool will generate no more requests on
this domain,

Thank you for your efforts to reduce spam and to keep criminals from abusing
your terms of service.

This is the format I send reports in and I am getting replies from hkdnr before or without the "police" involved I did not

Canadian Pharm site still active so may be just shining on me?

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The distribution site for this successful spam site removal tool has come under a DDOS attack by the spamming criminals. This attack coincides with others on Spamhaus.org, uribl.com, surbl.org and spamassassin.

Complainterator V14 can still be downloaded from the European spam Wiki and download site


The EU spam wiki has comprehensive information on the most frequent spammers, and details the fraud inherent in their spammed web sites. http://spamtrackers.eu/wiki

Documentation on Complainterator is also in the Wiki.

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Complainterator is a tool which has proven highly successful in the wholesale removal of tens of thousands of spammed websites. Like Spamcop when used with standard rather than "quick" reporting, it allows the user to select whether or not to forward the generated complaint for the spammed site.

The difference is that Complainterator addresses the complaint not to the ISP who owns the IP address on which the spammed site is hosted; instead, it addresses the complaint to the Registrar for the hosting site.

Rationale - When a spammed site is illegal, the registrar has accepted a contract to register its name from a criminal. Once a complaint is lodged, the registrar has to decide whether to uphold that contract with the criminal. or whether it is better to terminate the contract and avoid the possibility of legal proceedings for aiding and abetting a crime. Most legitimate registrars make the right decision.

Complainterator is also effective in combating countermeasures that criminals have taken against Spamcop. We are seeing the emergence of spammed hosts running on fast-flux botnets of up to 20 host IPs at a time. These host IPs refresh every few minutes to another range of 20 hosts. That's because Spamcop has been so successful in complaining to the ISPs who owned the hosting IP addresses that they had to do something about it. Of course, there is no way that Spamcop can keep up with the fast-flux botnet hosting described here.

Because Complainterator goes further up the "food chain" and complains to the registrar, this countermeasure gets foiled.

Of course, the bad guys have realized this, too. So they create hundreds of "throw-away" host names, hoping to get ahead of Complainterator, in the same way as they have with Spamcop. So Complainerator examines the name servers that the spammers have created to resolve their hundreds of host names. Complainterator refers to detailed instructions teaching the registrars how to effectively suspend the spammers' name servers, thus removing hundreds of spammed host sites in one move. Powerful stuff!

So, if you are frustrated at the thought of spammers getting the better of your Spamcop reporting, try out Complainterator. It runs on a Windows platform and supports multiple browsers and mailers. Read more about it and download it from http://complainterator.com

It is at version 20.1 as at October 27th, 2007. And it is free.

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