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I see that the number of pinned messages in the Spamcop Help forum is growing - a helpful bunch of information.

However, as things stand I now only see one or two messages on the first screen which makes scanning the forum less easy.

I don't know the answer to this issue. A different layout showing pinned messages to one side of the screen would be one approach (but probably not possible with the Invision Power Board forums).

Moving pinned entries elsewhere to some form of FAQ forum would be another but would mean these items would not be readily seen by folk coming to the forums for help.

Is this a problem for anyone else or is it just my quirky way of accessing forums like these?

I raise the matter now fopr discussion rather than as a complaint.


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I should have said that I have updated my profile to show mire messages in the intial listing but I was referring to the fact that the default setting used by most folk - and all visitors make finding new posts less easy with the growing number of pinned messages.


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