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How are URLs processed in mole reports?


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When reviewing processed submissions on the WWW for the

final submit, there are no capabilities to deselect URLs. I realize

that the mole reports are used for aggregated information, but

sometimes URLs are listed that are really innocent. Indeed,

spam email can contain a lot of innocent URLs - maybe on purpose

as a form of indirect attack. 419 spam and investment pumping

spam often contains innocent URLs.

Is there a way to deselect URLs upon review with llittle effort,

without canceling? I want to contribute to the anti-spam cause,

but given the volume of spam I receive, simply reviewing on the WWW

the spam emails I've sent by attachment, and hitting submit,

is already a non-trivial effort.

If URL info is aggregated from mole reports, it would be useful if the

WWW view used for final submission contained pre-checked selection

boxes that the user could deselect before submission.

BTW, there is very little information regarding how useful mole reports

are and how they are used. I sure hope my efforts are worthwhile.

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My understanding is that the link information is not collected or used anywhere. It is presented because it uses the same spam parser then checks for mole status and disables outgoing reports.

As far as the effectiveness of mole status, it will help keep the IP's on the BL. It will probably not get spammers dropped by itself as any ISP who is not fixing their systems after receiving full spamcop reports is probably not going to be moved into doing so because of a summary sent by all the moles.

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