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How to use MailHost for reporting spams

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Hello all,

i m a very new user and i would like to know about how to use MailHost system. i have already successfully configured the mailhost initially, but i m not sure about how it works. i m a yahoo mail user and i use yahoo thru web and thru mail client (POP) using MS Outlook and i want to use Mail host for both kind (namely web based mailing and also Mail client based - POP based mailing)

i m a multi account user and would like to know more about mailhost.


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You don't "use Mailhost for Reporting" .... the 'MailHost' thing is a configuration of your Reporting Account.

Your question actually seems to be a "How do I report my spam?" ... However you have tossed out several "problem" areas. The use of webmail and the use of Outlook being the first two hurdles. Fortunately for you, there is data created in both the SpamCop FAQ and the How to use .... SpamCop Reporting Forum section. What is needed now is for you to take a look at that data, then come back with specific questions on what you are still missing.

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Mailhost configuration is a way of identifying your mailhosts (yahoo, for instance) and the server IP addresses they use to send email for the spamcop parser.

The spamcop service is really two services: 1) the spamcop email service and 2) the spamcop reporting service. You can find information about either service in the FAQ or Spamcop Wiki.

If you don't understand the FAQ, or can't find them, please indicate whether you are using the spamcop email service or not, if you post again. If English is your second language, please indicate that also. There might be someone here who can communicate in your native tongue.

Miss Betsy

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