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Mailback form spammers are active again


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Somebody is out there digging away at a gambit that I thought was pretty much dead: bouncing spam off third-party mailback forms. I got a half-dozen or so in today's spam load. Most seem to be for drugs, although spammo either forgot to put in his web link (or else it somehow got stripped out by the mailback software).

Got a couple more conventional SMTP spams that also omitted the crucial web link, so maybe this is the same guy and he's a newbie.

This one somehow didn't even contain the spam pitch. The IP captured by the web form traces to a Venezuelan provider. (tracking link #1)

This one has what appears to be part of RFC822 header in the body of the message, containing all the addresses he apparently tried to send to (SpamCop will doubtless munge these away). (tracking link #2)

A couple came from Schlund.de (by way of a pet clothing website) but I didn't save the links for these.

-- rick

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