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Spammer sends me his resume


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At least that's what it looks like. (tracking link)

He's only asking 25,000 Rupees per month (works out to USD550), so he's cheap even if he doesn't seem to be very effective as a spammer.

Mail header had what looked like a forged HELO, came from at Sify.com (India), SpamCop couldn't locate useful reporting addresses for it.

-- rick

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As a "Reporting issue" .. the parser 'did' find data .. however ....

Tracking details

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : ipadmin[at]sifycorp.com

abuse[at]sify.com bounces (6 sent : 6 bounces)

whois -h whois.apnic.net ...

inetnum: -

netname: SIFYNET

descr: Sify Limited

descr: Internet Service Provider

country: IN

admin-c: HS51-AP

tech-c: HS51-AP

remarks: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

remarks: This object can only be updated by APNIC hostmasters.

remarks: To update this object, please contact APNIC

remarks: hostmasters and include your organisation's account

remarks: name in the subject line.

remarks: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+


mnt-by: APNIC-HM

mnt-lower: MAINT-IN-SIFY

mnt-routes: MAINT-IN-SIFY

changed: hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20050114

changed: hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20060117

source: APNIC


descr: Sify ip address space

country: IN

origin: AS9583


changed: ipadmin[at]sifycorp.com 20060718

source: APNIC

person: Hostmaster Satyam Infoway

nic-hdl: HS51-AP

e-mail: ipadmin[at]sifycorp.com

address: Sify Limited,

address: Second Floor, Tidel Park,

address: No.4,Canal Bank Road,

address: Taramani, Chennai - 600113

phone: +91-44-22540770

fax-no: +91-44-22540771

country: IN

changed: ipadmin[at]sifycorp.com 20040818


changed: hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20060117

source: APNIC

main expertise is email marketing and mass sms advertising.(20 yrs of exp)

20 years? hmmmmm ...

Last month i have prepared 42000 email records for Jewellery Manufacturer and got 30 quality b2b responses from USA/turkey/middle east

Not into that marketing environment, but .... 30 replies (and notthing about whether they were positive, actually prodiced sales, agreements, etc ..) seems a but shy of something spectacular ...??? Though I suppose some folks might be proud of the 7% number on its own ....

Kind of hard to correlate the U.S. CAN-spam act garbage to "I can SMS your crap all across India" ...????

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