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Additional users?

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I spent the $30 to try spamcop and LOVE IT! Problem is I want to add my wife and can't get the 50% add'l member discount because I did not sign her up originally. How about you allow an dditional family member discount but the service start date would be the same as the original signup? THat way a person could do a trial for $30 and sign up another. The next and all subsequent billings would be for total amount.

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Man, Ditto that request. I signed my partner up for email through Spamcop as well. Of course. we weren't even a couple when I started using SpamCop back in 2000, and now the only way I could get both of us up and on SpamCop was to pay full boat for both of us to have accounts.

I did try to email 'billing at spamcop dot net' before I signed my partner up, but no reply so I went ahead and signed up for the second account at full price (to be fair I'm not sure if 'billing at spamcop dot net' is an active email account; I couldn't find a billing email address on the site so I took a guess)

It would be great if you could look into allowing this.


Scotty (Spamcop user since 2000)

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Not sure who and where "billing" is at ... I'd rather have suggested support at spamcop.net , as this will get you to JT, the guy that runs the e-mail side of the house. Not to say that he'll go along with the plan, but again, I can't recall seeing the "billing" address mentioned anywhere before.

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