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Ranting about something???


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I do use COMPLAINTERATOR V10 to report sites from my held folder (not all but some) Which I suspect gets me whitelisted.
Lemme see if I got this right.

A "spamvertized site" is any website referenced in an email message. Like AOL.COM or PLEASETAKEALLMYMONEYTONIGERIA.COM. The site could be a legitimate site or not.

The nameserver is the server that connects the name to an IP address. If the nameserver removes the site, the site becomes orphaned, homeless, no known address, severed from the 'net.

The question is, given the way these sites could be displayed in the email message, I might not be able to tell whether the site is a legitmate one, not involved in sending the spam nor really benefitting from it, or if it is not.

So, one cannot just use complainterator willy-nilly, right? You have to be careful, right? Perhaps that is one of the reasons spamcop did not want to adopt it.

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I split this post out of the Topic it was posted into, as I could find no way to tie the contents of this posting to the subject matter at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7996 .. placed into the Lounge area as, at best, this seems to be some rambling rant thing about something going on ...???

As far as the conjecturing of "stuff accepted" .... there is no way to sort out just what data is behind that kind of a comment.

At this point, not even in the mood to try to tackle what I think one of the questions might have been.

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It seems obvious to me that the OP thinks that 'complaineator' would have to take several steps to determine if a website was 'legitimate' or not. The OP also thinks that spamcop does not want to take those extra steps to determine if the website is 'legitimate' or not and probably rightly so.

I haven't read the 'complaineator' thread very much because I agree with the spamcop philosophy that it is the 'injecting IP address' that can be controlled by blocking/tagging so as to control spam. I also think that shutting down websites is not productive, nor is good policy for freedom on the internet.

I don't know enough about how nameservers and websites work to be able to comment on what the OP is trying to say about that. But I am biased enough to be able to read 'into' his comments, agreement that reporting websites is complicated and probably not a good idea to get into.

Miss Betsy

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