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Dual overhead scams


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Got a couple identical spams today, here's one of them (tracking link)

Most of the body is taken up with the usual lottery scam (Coca Cola lottery), but at the very bottom is this no doubt heartfelt entreaty:

"Dear Beloved in Christ,I have a charity project to propose to you. Please reply to my personal email: charity_prolove[at]yahoo.com.hk Sister Melissa Pointer"

I suppose the idea is that once you have claimed your GBP150,000 in the Coca Cola lottery, you will then be in a position to help Sister Pointer.

SpamCop traced the message back to secureserver.net (GoDaddy) -- is this a webmail outfit? Didn't have a conventional SMTP header line.

Two Yahoo e-mail reply addresses used, which I reported.

-- rick

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Ah, appreciation, I'd not seen one of these before. It is an indictment on the Scamsters' Union that they'd not thought to combine two for the price of one as a general procedure long ago. But I see these are being spotted already in the wild, mostly from some time before "Sister Melissa Pointer" took "her" vows, "she" was hitherto the plain (and I mean that in the nicest way) "Mrs. Melissa Pointer" with a most approriate email address - melissapo[at]zwallet.com I am pleased to see "she" is has been putting the pain of losing Mr. Pointer behind "her" by immersing "herself" in good works and now adding the denial of worldly pleasures to the list* ;) - but then "she" always had a spritual bent, previously signing - "Your Sister in Christ, Mrs.Melissa Pointer".

* reminds me of the story of the two nuns out cycling but we'd best not go into that - other than to agree, it was probably the cobbles.

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