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Abuse e-mail bouncing


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Apologies for length.

I received a spam email referring to a domain hosted at cpchosting.net , and when I emailed Abuse[at]cpchosting.net, i received a bounce - so I did some further searching, and came up with an address at consumerpcinc.com..

Contacted, told him about the abuse emails bouncing, and now the abuse emails are working..

I got a bit paranoid when noticed that hawkserve.com and suppress001.com both sent back the same bounce message claiming my user blacklisted on sbl.spamhous.org (scammer) instead of sbl.spamhaus.org as the reason for being rejected.

Consequently I accused him of having the same bounce emails as the scam website.. The original bounce from cpchosting.net didn't contain the scam link, just failed to really provide any other means of contacting cpchosting is all..

So, I'm posting this..

"James J. Lumby II" <.......[at]consumerpcinc.com> hide details 10:53 am (1 hour ago)

to David ... <...[at]gmail.com>

date Apr 26, 2007 10:53 AM

subject RE: Abuse emails bouncing

mailed-by consumerpcinc.com

I am not registered there, nor do I feel the need to be, I’m assuming you were posting in that thread, so if you don’t mind, please post that we were not refusing any reports, only that we had a temporary problem with our mail system.

Thank you,

James J. Lumby II

CEO Consumer PC, Inc.

1950 N. Stemmons Frwy, Suite 2042

Dallas, Texas 75207

(t) 877-272-4932

(o) 214-233-9202 x 5040

(f) 214-233-9203


So, if he's not a spammer, he'll deal with it. If he is a spammer, his upstream network will handle it.

8: so-6-0-1.cr1.dfw2.us.above.net _sent an abuse report.

9: dfw01.consumerpcinc.com _ now accepting abuse emails..

10: river.canyon.hawkserve.com provides name server for suppress001.com (referenced in spam) and bounces emails with "sbl.spamhous.org", same as "abuse[at]suppressexpress.com"

So hopefully someone who can shut the spam down can do something about it.

Unfortunately, the suppress001.com domain is being used for listwashing.. so if an annoyed user clicks the link to remove themselves - they'll probably find a blank page.. If and when they get around to shutting that domain down..

1st post. If I've broken any rules let me know. (I can be impolite sometimes, I know)

Thanks, David.

Moderator Edit: extracted from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6708 ..

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Let me start out by admitting that I am tired, my eyes feel like they are on fire ...

I scrolled through both pages of the Topic/Discussion you posted this into a couple of times ... and I could find nothing that connected what you posted and what was already under discussion. So I split your post out of that Discussion and made it into its own Topic. Then, I tried again a few times, but failed to come up with where SpamCop.net Parsing & Reporting tools came into your story ... so Moved this to the Lounge area.

A SpamCop.net Report appears to target the following list;

Reporting addresses:





in this case, due to an abuse.net listing;

Using abuse net on abuse[at]cpchosting.net

abuse net cpchosting.net = postmaster[at]cpchosting.net, abuse[at]above.net, abuse[at]cpchosting.net, abuse[at]consumerpcinc.com

Using best contacts postmaster[at]cpchosting.net abuse[at]above.net abuse[at]cpchosting.net abuse[at]consumerpcinc.com

I'm stopping here, perhaps someone else will come in later and attempt to respond to the rest of your post ...???

Oh yeah, PM sent to advise of the handling of this post ...

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