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Scheduled Data Center Maintenance 29 Apr 2007


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An issue noted Saturday morning (east coast U.S. time) has resulted in a scheduled maintenance window at 0200 GMT-5 (gads .. or is it GMT-4 now?) Sunday morning.

When the 'problem' occurred, it appears that the problems were varied, as seen from the 'outside' ... I couldn't talk to the newsgroup server, someone else posted into the newsgroups that the Forum server was dead .... see news.spamcop.net imap.spamcop.net down .... so can only assume that there will be something similar occurring when the identified router gets fixed/replaced and network routing gets changed again.

As seen in the data provided in the referenced link, there is no timeline offered, so if there will be any impact, when it happens, and how long it may last is totally unknown from this side of the screen ... so just placing a heads-up here that there 'could' be some issues in a few hours ......

This has nothing to do with the actual "Parsing & Reporting" system, just the 'support' venues and e-mail account stuff. As far as e-mail goes, there is nothing here that will cause any e-mail to be "lost".... worst case, some delivery times will not be 'immediate' is all .....

carting this off to the newsgroups also ....

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