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[Resolved] Horde :: Fatal Error

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Though not having a response from him, that it has been up and down, I'm having to guess at this point that JT is on-site and working the system at this point in time. Based on the error message, there are at least two computers not talking nicely to each other <g>

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I'm getting this, trying to reach http://webmail.spamcop.net:

A fatal error has occurred

DB Error: connect failed

Details have been logged for the administrator.

Same here. My spamcop account was working fine a few hours ago, then I took a nap and when I awoke there was a message box saying I had one new message in my Heldbox and when I attempted to process it, that's when I got the fatal error message. Meanwhile, I'm just patiently waiting it out. I rarely have problems with my spamcop account and whenever I did they were all resolved in a fairly timely manner.

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Repaired and returned two lawnmowers ... borrowed a Chrysler so I could use the spare tire from that car to swap for a flat tire on a brother's car sitting by the side of the road about eight miles out of town (having to drive about 20 miles to get to where I could turn around to get on the same side of the highway) ... enjoyed some time with another brother who decided to BBQ some of the food left over from the graduation party held last Saturday for his partner's daughter .... came home and have three repaired computers ready to go out tomorrow, a laptop is currently running a defrag, so it looks like it's ready to go ....

Ellen states (over in the newsgroups) that she talked to JT about 2012 yesterday evening .... I have an e-mail from JT stamped at about 2030 last evening .... all I can say is that I can log in just fine, yet again ....?????

As there seems to be no further traffic after about that timeframe, I'm inclined to answer JT's query that it does seem like the problem has gone away ...???

BTW: I haven't seen the "AggieLady" in ages .... I'll assume this is the same person that used to post in the newsgroups a bit way back when ????

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