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Mailhosts: "Please verify source IP identified.”


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OK, so I get the message:

Forgery detected, or mailhost configuration incomplete. Please verify source IP identified.

What do I do next? I mean, I've verified the source IP (which is to say, I've checked that my mailhost configuration is complete, and that the IP address does not belong to one of my mailservers - in fact, it's an ADSL port that's on one of the blackhole lists), so what do I do now?

Andrew Ward

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Did the parser complete the parse and give you checkboxes for addresses?

IIRC, Julian has little notes that don't exactly match what has happened. IOW, if the parser did what it should (and you think you have done what you should), don't worry about it.

Otherwise, post in the Julian thread as a bug.


Miss Betsy

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Yes, the parser finished doing its stuff and gave me buttons to press at the end.

OK, I'll just ignore it in future!

Please don't just ignore the message - instead, please actually verify that the reports are going to the right place. Thanks!

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