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Adobe Reader 8


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I was trying to upgrade a user from Adobe Reader 6-something to Adobe Reader 8.1. Unfortunately, while it installs just fine, when it comes time to accept the license, there's nothing for me to click on. Just a plain white box with no text over the Adobe Reader logo. This is on an Averatec laptop running XP Home.

Anyone else ever had this problem, or any ideas how to resolve it? AR7 crashes on startup when I install it, so I can't upgrade to that.

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Sorry mrmaxx, never heard of that one before - unless you're not the guy reporting the same on the Adobe forums (without resolution so far). Version 7 crashing sounds a bit ominous, that laptop certainly has issues out of the ordinary. You've uninstalled and tried again with the same result?

This is a Lounge item, I'm thinking.


That was posted in a rush. To add some data. I've installed both 7 and 8 without problem with XP-Pro. If you're tyring to install 8 when there's a munched-up 7 installed that would seem a big ask - a new installation (usually) looks for earlier ones to upgrade, hence all those annoying nags for version 8 whenever online. So, my tuppenceworth, if 7 is installed but non-functional there could be problems.

But Wazoo's suggestion would be the line to take first.

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8.1 installed here on both XP-Home and XP-Pro.

Have you tried installing it while running under Safe-Mode?

I'm only going with some sort of Pop-Up Blocker getting involved. The problem these days is that there are so many, and they all seem to actually trigger/work on diferent things .... Booting inot Safe-Mode should stop most of these tools from loading.

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