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Using Google to hide your URL


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The continuing plague of "Rxmeds" SPAMS has a new vector. Usually they rotate DNS hosts, Web hosts and web redirects around their botnet. They prevent SpamCop simple parsing by using typographic tricks. For instance their white space and missing www etc. in "go to - MedsJuly . com " stops SpamCop seeing www.MedsJuly.com, but allows a (stupid) human to make sense of it.

Now it seems they are letting Google do the work. Their SPAMS contain this link;


which seems to resolve inexorably at their scummy domain..

I expect the Google abuse desk must be getting pretty fed up by now, but surely they have the resources to do something about it. Come on Mr Page and Mr Brin, spend some of your millions tracking and whacking the scum!

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...This topic has been discussed before. If you go to the input text box next to the "Search for -->" button near the top of the page, enter "google redirect" (without the quotes) and press the "Go" button, you'll see lots of hits.... :) <g>

...Follow-ups to one of the other existing open Forum threads, please. I have closed this one.

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