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attachments - is there a policy apart from 'ignore'


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Is there a spamcop document about what happens to attachments sent in with spam items? (have searched)

do some file types get used at all or are all attechment items ignored?

Don't have any "official" documentation on this, but in my personal experience with SpamCop:
  • SpamCop is only interested in text data because this is where the info related to spam transmission (and secondarily website URLs) will be found.
  • SpamCop limits the size of mail submitted via the web form to 50k; if you want to submit such spam, SpamCop will truncate it (which will obviously break some attachments). This limit appears not to apply to mail forwarded to (or POPped by) SpamCop.
  • SpamCop will "peek" inside MIME parts of type text/plain or text/html (mainly to look for URLs). It also does MIME decoding on these where required.
  • I do not think that SpamCop looks at binary MIME parts or any file attachments (i.e., MIME parts of type "application/*").

-- rick

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