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Is colocentral.com a Spam Haven?


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I noticed a few weeks ago a new domain that spam was originating from as well as hosting the sites advertized.

Now they seem to really have the ball rolling there in terms of volume and wondering how such a site/isp/server (whatever the h_ll they are) can operate with seeming impunity? Also what constitutes a "spam haven"? When you look at their site does it look like this?

At least they haven't gotten to any of my other addresses....yet.

It seems to me that colocentral.com IS a spam haven as they seem to have no other uses or function judging by their site. Also, if you leave out the www in their address, it goes right to colocentral squirrel mail login!


Submitted: July 29, 2007 4:05:18 PM CDT -0500:

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2410649353 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410649349 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 3:55:27 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410648890 (ht tp://aaa aa.point also.in fo/one/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410648886 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410648869 (ht tp://aa aaa.poin talso.inf o/one/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410648862 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 3:24:32 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410648605 (ht tp://aaaa a.saw plate.in fo/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410648604 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410648603 (ht tp://aaa aa.saw plate.in fo/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410648591 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 3:09:24 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410592052 (htt p://jqxqp cecem.rea dyyear.in fo/one/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410592050 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410592043 (ht tp://jqxqp cecem.read yyear.in fo/one/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410592041 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 2:19:35 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410591719 (ht tp://wnwg qznys.ship feeds.inf o/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410591717 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410591714 (ht tp://wnwg qznys.shi pfeeds.in fo/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410591712 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 12:01:46 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410350256 (ht tp://aaa aa.clay or.inf o/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410350255 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410350254 (ht tp://aa aaa.clay or.info/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410350253 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 12:01:45 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410350140 (htt p://lrrcgnk ddxof.mov epills.inf o/one/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410350139 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410350138 (ht tp://lrrcgnk ddxof.mov epills.inf o/one/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410350134 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 11:59:35 AM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410347294 (http://aaa aa.crossw ine.in fo/one/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410347293 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410347286 (ht tp://aaaa a.cross wine.inf o/one/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410347285 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 2:45:21 AM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2409611180 (h ttp://a aaaa.loset hat.inf o/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2409611179 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2409611176 (ht tp://aa aaa.lose that.in fo/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2409611175 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 12:39:13 AM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2409550121 (ht tp://mu ewhbodlri.lo sethat.inf o/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2409550119 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2409550117 (h ttp://mu ewhbodlri.los ethat.inf o/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2409550115 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 6:57:24 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410836160 (h ttp://aaaa a.poundsr ep.inf o/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410836158 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410836156 (ht tp://aa aaa.pound srep.in fo/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410836155 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

Submitted: July 29, 2007 5:33:58 PM CDT -0500:

(no subject)

2410835451 (http ://aaa aa.s hipfeeds.in fo/main/) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410835450 ( ) To: postmaster[at]colocentral.com

2410835449 (htt p://aaaa a.shipfee ds.inf o/main/) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

2410835448 ( ) To: spam[at]colocentral.com

[Links broken, addresses (lightly) munged - these were spamvertized urls, posting them "here" assists the spammer(s) by further promulgating those addresses and increasing their linking with search engines - and might/could expose casual clickers to exploits (for all you or I know). Please don't do it any more emanmb.]

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I haven't been able to have much of a look at them. They are denounced in several places as being a spam haven. They seem to have a lot of resource. Hopefully someone can delve a little for you.

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That's interesting because via my own searches I haven't found anything about them except the usual mentions about their data services or voip and one mention regarding spam here, and also here. The last site getting very specific about them which I hadn't seen before.

It's interesting to me that they can sleaze by with hardly any mention via the web or at least from my googling. I continue to do my part and forward their garbage to SC, Knujon, and also spam[at]uce.gov in one fwd. Take that colocentral! :lol:

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I checked the phone number that shows for the register of the site(s) the emails come from on whitepages.com and it comes back as being for colocentral. Doesn't that mean any complaints to colocentral are meaningless, or do they realy do anything other than send spam.

What we need to do is complain to the FTC and NY attorney general about this company. If enough of us complain this company will be investigated, hopefully.

Has anyone been able to dig deeper than this?

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All my spam that I report is sent simultaniously to spamcop, knujon and spam[at]uce.gov so hopefully that covers all the bases, but yes, maybe adding FTC to my list would be good too, or maybe I have to do an individual mailing kinda thing. That would end up being too much work.

I would FWD my spam to yahoo (from both my free and ATT accounts) but those dingleberries only accept spam submitted as text so again, it becomes too much work to fwd each spam in 2 different formats just to accommodate them.

One of the reasons I posted here is so that the words spam, spamhaven and colocentral.com are forever linked and therefore searchable and the more people that know, the better.

I suppose it is pointless, them being off shore from US, associating powercomm.com, kisa.or.kr, hanaro.com, cnc-noc.net, fibertel.com.ar, reduno.com.mx, telecomitalia.it, telesp.net.br, et al, with the tons of spam that come from their networks but it's good to point it out anyway. :)

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Total spam haven! is listed on the Spamhaus Block List (SBL)

13-Mar-2007 14:33 GMT | SR04

colocentral.com - spammer hosting (escalation)

Hosting spammers for revenue is really a no-no in this century, but some places still feel they must. Sad.

Unless Colocentral.com are the spammers, then it's just business as usual.

Word is they are now heavily blog spamming too.


I also found this range blocked in our firewall!

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