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[Resolved] Spam Munging question


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I've been a user for years, and I've never bothered munging my address in reports (and I just checked to make sure my preferences were still set that way). Yesterday, I received a reply to a submitted report that said it wasn't spam; that I had signed up for it. Well, I vaguely remembered the spam - it had come in to an email address that was perfectly logical but had never been used for anything.

To check on my memory, however, I looked up the spam report in the database. When I look at the report, all of my addresses are munged - it says

To: Tim Boyer <x>

It sure looks to me that even though I'm specifying no munging, the rporting system is anyway. Is this how it looks on the other side of the report, or do I just have something set wrong? Or is it just an artifact of looking up an old report?

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