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Previous problem fixed by new webmail


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I just wanted to report that the new webmail system seems to have fixed a longstanding problem.

My usual procedure is to log into webmail, handle all the spam in my Held Mail box (report/release/whatever), and immediately empty the trash and logout.

Initially I was upset because the new webmail system didn't appear to have an Empty Trash link at the top any more, but last night I read some threads here and figured out that that link is now a configurable option. I switched it on, and all is good.

Previously (for a very long time), I've had a problem with the webmail system in Firefox (various releases) under Mac OS X. The problem was that my initial click on the Empty Trash link usually would not do anything; I'd have to click a second time to get the trash to actually empty.

With the new webmail system (and without changing versions of Firefox or OS X), I'm no longer seeing that behavior, which is excellent.

I just thought TPTB might like to know about this. :)

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