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Attachment filtering


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1520 total messages


32 false negative 2.1%

That sounds typical for any spam filtering system. [...]

Seems to be about the same percent leaks that I am getting.

I suggest you take advantage of what spammers do.

This if the To: is something[at]posterswondersite.com then lots of spammers would forge the From: as the same or similar.

Assuming you don't send to yourself, setting personal blacklist posterswondersite.com might chop 10 % of the leakers.

It would be possible to accumulate a list of all the users names legitimately in use [at]posterswondersite.com

Your provider might then be able to flag or drop the others

Or In your mail client send the others and all those where posterswondersite doesn't occur in To: or CC: to a junk folder.


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