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Popgate / Yahoo Issue

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For those of you directly POPping Yahoo mail... this message I recently found on the Yahoo blog may be for you:


Basically, they are having major problems with the recent rollout of new features (including SSL) and are rolling back the features.

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Brought here from the 'news announcements' page for the e-mail system, primarily for those that don't tend to log into the web-page;

Aug 5, 2008

[14:59 EDT] Popgate2 has been updated. If you have been experiencing troubles with POPing Yahoo! mail using popgate2, please try re-entering your POP information via Webmail's options page. The latest update may solve some problems with Yahoo!.

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Just to keep people up to date (and to get confirmation from others)...

I have had a message in my Yahoo inbox since sometime 12:43 this afternoon and it still has not been picked up by popgate.

Looking at my Popgate configuration page, there are NO errors being reported. Resaved setting has not helped yet.

I have contacted SpamCop Support via the webmail Problem link.

Is anyone else seeing this? I don't know when this might have started because I have removed everything (except direct spam) from using that address since the last problem.

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I have sent a test message to my Yahoo address and I'll report back about what happens.

(on edit) The message got successfully picked up by popgate2 and delivered to my SpamCop inbox.

Thank you David.... This morning I still had the same message and 2 additional ones. I have merked them as spam in Yahoo's interface and removed then from the Inbox and will test now to see what happens.
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