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FTC hits major spammers of alleged hoodia and HGH products.


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Proof that the FTC is actually doing something with those forwarded spams (at least some of them)!

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Subject: Consumer Health Digest #07-33, August 28, 2007

Consumer Health Digest #07-33

August 28, 2007


FTC hits major spammers of alleged hoodia and HCG products.

The FTC has obtained a temporary restraining order and asset freeze against Sili

Neutraceuticals, LLC and Brian McDaid, d/b/a Kaycon, Ltd. The agency charged them with

violating anti-spam laws and making false claims that their "HoodiaHerbal" and "Hoodia

Maximum Strength caused weight loss and that their "Perfect HGH" and "Dr-HGH" would

elevate human growth hormone levels and dramatically reverse the aging process. Court

documents indicate that the FTC spam database received over 85,000 spam messages, many of

which were sent using Web form hijacking whereby the the messages are sent by using forms

on innocent third-party sites so that they appear to come from the victim site. [FTC

stops spammers selling bogus hoodia weight-loss products and human growth hormone

anti-aging products. FTC news release, Aug 23, 2007]


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