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Moving Buttons


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I'd really like to be able to customize the webmail buttons. Like "Compose" instead of "New Message," though changing labels isn't high on my list. Moving the buttons WOULD be nice though. So I could put "New Message" on the other side of "Empty Trash" and "Held Mail" all the way to the right, that sort of thing.

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...Hmm. Anyone know if this would be the Horde side of the house or JT's? My (totally ignorant) guess would be Horde, in which case this request would go to Horde rather than here.

That wouild be my guess. I know a couple of icons were added, but I don't know how configurable it is.

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The "skin" is configurable. The top row of icons is currently found in an unordered list in the HTML, so 'moving' a button would be a simple 'move' of the specific line of code in that sequence.

The 'name' of an icon would be a simple edit ... the specific example cited would be;

change this line;

<li><a href="java scri_pt:popup_imp('/horde/imp/compose.php',700,650,'thismailbox=INBOX');" accesskey="N"><img src="/horde/imp/themes/graphics/compose.png" alt="New Message" title="" /><br /><span class="accessKey">N</span>ew Message</a></li>

to read:

<li><a href="java scri_pt:popup_imp('/horde/imp/compose.php',700,650,'thismailbox=INBOX');" accesskey="N"><img src="/horde/imp/themes/graphics/compose.png" alt="Compose" title="" /><br /><span class="accessKey">C</span>ompose</a></li>

However, if you look closely, this will leave folks wondering why the 'shortcut / hot key' is "N" .. whereas the underscored / hilited character is "C" ... just a bit more confusion to say the least ... one might be able to change the code bit [accesskey=N] to [accesskey=C](with the other attended code to actually do something with the hot-keypress) .. but then, I haven't searched to see if "C" is already a hot=key for some other function ... which would mean some more code bits to shift around ...????

Note also that this display is currently an issue, as so many other things these days, the way the various web browsers actually handle the same code can be vastly different. The real issue on something like this boils down to the available time, energy, and focus needed for someone to try to handle this type and level of effort. 'Build' the page, throw the dozens of different browsers at it, under several resolutions, and keep on tailoring that page until it looks (at least) OK under (at least) most of the mainstream browsers .... throw it out there and be prepared to catch the storm of folks pointing out that you mis-spelled the word 'dogma' three times and your choice of colors sucks ...

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What is Horde?

Horde is a commercially available webmail package that SpamCop is using to provide the webmail capability. Spamcop did not write it, only made a few customizations.


The FAQ also has a pointer to their FAQ: http://www.horde.org/faq/

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