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Jeff G.'s Guide to accessing SpamCop email

Jeff G.

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Jeff G.'s Guide to accessing SpamCop email using OE and IMAP

v1.01 by Jeff G., 2004-01-12 16:02 EST


1. A functional SpamCop Mail account (assumed to be LOGON[at]spamcop.net -

substitute with LOGON[at]cesmail.net if appropriate)

2. A PC or emulator running Microsoft Windows with a working mouse

3. An installed copy of Microsoft Outlook (configured for Internet, not

Microsoft Exchange) or Outlook Express (hereinafter "OE")

4. Internet access


1. Print out these instructions so that you can refer to them while your

PC is otherwise occupied.

2. All of these instructions involve the use of OE. Please switch to it.

3. Make sure that you use a View Layout that shows your Folder List and

your emails.

4. Select the "Tools" Menu.

5. Select the "Accounts..." Submenu to display the "Internet Accounts"

Dialog Box.

6. Click the "Add" Button.

7. Click the "Mail..." Additional Selection.

8. Enter your "Display name". This is the full name that will appear in

your emails from this account. It need not be your full name, as many

people use a handle. My handle is "Jeff G." Click the "Next" Button.

9. Enter your "E-mail address". This is the email address that will appear

in your emails from this account and people will use to reply to you. if

you feel the need to munge it, please note that this will limit the

possibility of people replying to you via email. If you don't want email

replies, please use the email address "nobody[at]devnull.spamcop.net".

I use a different email address ending in "[at]spamcop.net". Click the "Next" Button.

10. Select "IMAP" in the "My incoming mail server is a _ server." Dialog.

Click the "Next" Button.

11. Enter "imap.spamcop.net" without quotes as your "Incoming mail (POP3,

IMAP, or HTTP) server". Click the "Next" Button.

12. Enter your normal "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server" and any necessary

authorization parameters. SpamCop does not provide SMTP service to its

Customers from their computers. (See Note: 1) Click the "Next" Button.

13. Enter your SpamCop LOGON[at]spamcop.net and PASSWORD. Click the "Finish"

Button. This will bring you back to the "Internet Accounts" Dialog Box.

14. Click the "Properties" Button to bring up the imap.spamcop.net

Properties tabs.

15. On the default General Tab, rename the Mail Account as appropriate and

make sure that the checkbox "Include this account when checking for new

messages" matches your preference. Review and modify the other Tabs, as

appropriate, and click the "OK" Button when you are finished.

16. Click the "Close" button to close the "Internet Accounts" Dialog Box.

17. Click the "Yes" button to answer the question "Would you like to

download folders from the mail server you added?". This will bring up

the "Show/Hide IMAP Folders" Dialog Box.

18. Show or Hide Folders, as appropriate. On the default "All" Tab, the

Shown Folders have icons next to them. Click the "OK" Button when you are


19. In the OE Folder List, down at the bottom, click the "+" sign to open

the Mail Server you just configured if it is not already open.

20. Click whichever Folder (like Inbox or Held Mail) you wish to access.

Messages in that Folder should show up in the Messages Pane (where you

normally see email messages).

21. Enjoy!

Note 1: Please see the entry Beta Test Outgoing SMTP AUTH

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