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New IMAP Servers for Webmail


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Webmail is now connecting to new IMAP servers. These new servers should fix a few outstanding bugs with Webmail, and should load large mailboxes much faster. Please report any strange behavior with the Webmail interface to support[at]spamcop.net, or click the "Problem" button on the top menu bar when logged in.

Issues that should be fixed:

* Message # re-ordering (forum topic 8736)

* New messages appearing when "Report as spam" clicked (forum topic 8752)

* Some messages not being displayed in mailbox (also forum topic 8752)

This upgrade only affects Webmail. If no problems are reported, the external IMAP servers (mail.spamcop.net) will also be upgraded.


Moderator edit: copied from post in SpamCop Email System & Accounts Forum to make it visible as a new announcement

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Login issues with this IMAP upgraded software - posted at;


Our old IMAP servers allowed passwords with characters in them that are officially forbidden by the IMAP specifications. The new server strictly refuses to work with some of those characters. If anybody else is having trouble logging in and your password contains any of the special characters listed below, please contact us (you can use the forum PMs if you don't have another e-mail account) and we can fix your password.

( ) { % * ] \ "

Some of those might still work, so please try your password even if it has one of those characters in it.


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