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[Resolved] SpamCop Reporting via MailWasher Pro


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I have lost the email I am to use for reporting through MailWasher due to a system crash. Can someone please send it to me. Thank you very much in advance by the way for this service and this site. :D please send to mobeer1[at]shaw.ca
We're (mostly) just other users here. If you can log in to your member's page the email submission address is shown there (like submit.SomeLong123AlfaN[at]spam.spamcop.net). If you can't log in you should be taken to a "denied" page where there's a way (I guess) to request your password be emailed to your registered email address (following which you go to your member's page for the submit address).

Does this fix your problem?

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SpamCop FAQ links at the top of the page

jump/scroll down to;

Overview of SpamCop Services (currently under revision)

How does SpamCop reporting work?

Why am I Blocked?

Has your email been blocked? (ISP, Mailing List Admin, Advertiser)

SpamCop Blocking List - Am I listed?

SenderBase's "Magnitude" Explained

Why am I getting all these bounces? Updated!

Why does SpamCop want to send a report to my own network administrator?

Password Problems?


follow that link

Or try the Wiki; Can't LogIn?

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