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Always print at least complete URL hostname on confirmation page


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I have started receiving phishing spam directing me to URLs on very long hostnames, so long that SpamCop cuts them off before the entire hostname is printed. For example, the real URL in the phishing mail begins with:


But SpamCop's confirmation screen only shows:

Report spam to:

Re: http://moneymanagergps-id4945901.citizensbank.c... (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam)

So it's hard to see if the URL is genuine or not. I'd like to request that the confirmation screen always print at least the complete hostname followed by a slash, even if that would otherwise exceed the length where SpamCop would usually truncate the URL.

[moderator note - link does not point to active page, domain page similarly inactive (thank goodness)]

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So it's hard to see if the URL is genuine or not.

If the link came in a spam message, what is the difference? I believe even legit businesses should like to know when their URL is being used in spam, and when they have enough reports, they can refuse further reports.
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