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SpamCop E-Mail Account password issue


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Conversation with JT today suggested that 'anyone impacted would have already been impacted' ... However, two users in the last couple of weeks have brought up their 'new' issues here. One gave the appearance that a login hadn't happened in a while, the second attempted to change his existing password. In both cases, characters were used that are not accepted by the (new) application software. Previous data on this was directed against the "new IMAP server software" ... however, the WebMail application uses the IMAP software as its back-end, so ....the password issues involves the whole of the SpamCop.net E-Mail Account system. Posting as an 'Announcement' a copy of a post made into another existing Topic/Discussion here, trying to make the data more visible ....


Very strange .... one would have thought that the following described password issues would have been cleared up by now. As it turns out, I just received a PM this morning with someone that can't log into his spamcop.net e-mail account, conjecturing that it's a probably utf-8 character-set issue. Looking at this Topic, there is nothing stated here about password issues with the 'new' IMAP server. The one person raising the complaint was actually replied to in yet another Forum Topic .... so bringing that data 'here' so it will be available for anyone looking at issues with the 'new IMAP server' ....

Your problem was different, and should be resolved now (check your PMs). Our old IMAP servers allowed passwords with characters in them that are officially forbidden by the IMAP specifications. The new server strictly refuses to work with some of those characters. If anybody else is having trouble logging in and your password contains any of the special characters listed below, please contact us (you can use the forum PMs if you don't have another e-mail account) and we can fix your password.

( ) { % * ] \ "

Some of those might still work, so please try your password even if it has one of those characters in it.


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